Thursday, 5 January 2012

Lucy & Vish's Cross Cultural Wedding Extravaganza - Day 1 of 3

Way back in June, off the back of my first wedding feature on RocknRoll Bride, I got an absolutely amazing enquiry. I was asked whether I was available to shoot a 2 day cross-cultural, Hindu-Catholic wedding in Manchester later in the year. Errrrmmmmmm....YES!!!

Lucy and Vish are a beautiful, warm, cool couple. You might remember them from the Engagement Shoot back in August, with their little mates Claire and Nigel?

The three days I spent up in Manchester were magical! This gorgeous wedding bought together different cultures, generations and guests from around the world for a celebration of genuine love and happiness. It was a really beautiful experience and one I feel honoured to have shot.

As I was there for 3 days I shot soooo many bloomin photos, this wedding is going to have to be blogged in 3 parts. Put the kettle on, pull up a pew and get settled......

The Mehndi

The evening before the Hindu wedding was the Mehndi. It was a lovely, cosy, relaxed evening where family prepared for the next day, applying the henna. They also followed the Hindu tradition of family members blessing the couple with spices etc. I could see Lucy anxiety seep through that her face might be stained yellow the next day but luckily it all washes off!!!


  1. Hola soy Marta de España (Almería) este es el único sitio que he encontrado para dejar un comentario.
    Vuestras fotos me encantan, son una preciosidad. Yo también soy fotógrafa y aprecio mucho vuestro estilo fotográfico.
    Un saludo.

  2. Beautiful photos looking fwd to seeing the rest
    Chris Williams