About Me....

I must admit, when I sat down to write something for this page, I really struggled to know where to start. I think it's important for me to open up personally. I guess the more we know about each other, the more we can connect? As a photographer, I strongly believe that it is through that connection that the true magic comes. The best stories are the ones where we know and connect with its characters.

My name is Andy and I live and breath photography

I'm married to my beautiful wife Emily. I am tall.....she is small. I have the top shelf covered, she has the bottom shelf covered. Together we make a perfect team.

I was born in Portsmouth but now live in sunny Brighton. I absolutely love living by the sea!

My wife and I love dogs! However, contrary to the comments of one of our 'non-dog loving' friends, I can confirm we are not dog botherers! Perhaps king of all those dogs is Henry, Em's family's dog. He is very old but unfortunately not very wise.

I love writing lists! Other things I love (in no particular order) are...

Sausages, my neice Ava, Portsmouth FC,  a good stretch,  travelling, festivals, sunshine, Barbeques, Encona hot pepper sauce, Radiohead, crumpets, bags with lots of compartments, camping, cycling (but only in summer), throwing & catching, eating, laughing until I cry (I'm lucky enough to have some wonderful friends that allow this to happen regularly), giving people new names, striking things off lists.

I could add to this list all day long but I'll go on!!!!!

I also like to meet new people. I would welcome any opportunity to share my passion for photography with you. I want to help document your story, whether its a wedding, engagement, family, pets, bands or business. If you are interested in any of my work just get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.