Monday, 12 September 2011

Henry R.I.P.

Once every blue moon, we are lucky enough to have a truly beautiful soul grace this earth. A soul so full of love, happiness and devotion. A soul that lightens up this world wherever they roam. We were truly blessed to have such a soul lighten up our lives. Today, our beautiful dog Henry left us, leaving behind an epic void, one that I doubt could ever truly be filled.

Em and I just got all the photos we have, out of the cupboard. Every photo we found told a story of a dog so loved, pampered and well travelled. He was quite possibly the happiest dog in the world, wagging his tail from birth, all the way through to his final breath today. He will be sorely missed but leaves behind a wealth of beautiful memories.

Goodbye Henry R.I.P. x

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  1. Hi there. I came to your blog because I am featuring the registry wedding of James and Charlie that you photographed on my blog tomorrow and wanted to make sure to give the proper link and whatnot. As I was browsing through your more recent posts, I found this heartbreaking entry. I am so, so sorry. My husband and I also lost our dog just last week and I know exactly what you mean about having a void in your life you feel can't be filled. I also feel like only people who have had a pet and lost them know the kind of grief you feel, which I know is unlike any other. I hope you are doing well and thinking fondly about Henry. He was a beautiful dog and I'm sure he knew how lucky he was to have such wonderful parents. We find that each day, it hurts a tiny, little bit less and I hope you are feeling the same way.

    Also, I am featuring your beautifully photographed wedding tomorrow on my blog, the URL for which is below.

    The post will go live at 4:50AM CST and of course I give full credit, links, and most importantly, praise. : )

    Take care!