Friday, 13 May 2011

And so it begins.....

Welcome to my blog!

I’ve been meaning to start one for a while but, as usual, it has been comfortably nestled on my ‘to do’ list. As my wife Emily will eagerly point out, I bloody love a list! I write lists for absolutely everything….especially ‘to dos’. Unfortunately over recent years my to do list has been just that, an ever increasing list of good ideas that I’ve been adding to rather than triumphantly striking through. It feels very good to tick one off!

One of the other major ticks on my list, and the catalyst for starting this blog, has been my photography. It is a passion that has always been there, I just never fully explored it. For many years I felt spoilt for creative outlets. I spent my days making films for my degree, and my evenings making music with my mates. Whilst I will always be very proud of those days, I was always plagued with that niggling doubt that I would ever be as good as I wanted to be. Rather than persevere I ended up just quitting. After returning from an amazing year travelling with Emily, I just felt my goals were even further from my reach and, as such, re-evaluated my whole career path. We both opted to re-train and secure ourselves with some safe and sensible careers. We spent the next three years doing nothing other than working full time whilst studying for MSc’s and Professional Qualifications in the evenings and weekends. This all left a very big void in my life. One of the biggest ‘To Do’s’ on the list was to fill it!

As I said, I have always loved photography. Even at Uni I felt I could always excel at stills over moving image. I spent all my hours looking at photos in books, on the web, in galleries…..I just never had a camera! Then, one wonderful birthday, Emily bought me one. As soon as I picked it up everything just seemed to click into place. I spent my time experimenting, reading photography magazines, trying to figure out how to take the kind of photos I had in my head. The following October we were married. Our wedding was beautifully shot by the amazing Emma Case. She is definitely someone who has had a profound influence on me. The day we got our photos back I had a real flow of emotion. They were incredible, the whole story of the day documented perfectly. This is just what I wanted. There is nothing more beautiful and positive than the feeling of a wedding day. It is a time where family and friends can come together for no other reason than to celebrate and share genuine love. To be able to capture that story and present that back to a couple is a wonderful thing! I want to take photos that truely move people. I want love, saddness, joy, I want to take photos that stir emotion everytime a couple looks at them. If I get close to achieving that I'll be a very happy man.

With our wedding came our honeymoon, and an amazing 2 weeks with my wifey in Cuba. Not only did I fall in love with Emily all over again, I had opportunity to just take time to explore my photography. That 2 weeks always felt like a real turning point in my life, not just because I was now married!! I came back with a brand new to do list….but one by one I’ve been ticking them off!!!

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