Saturday, 14 May 2011

Charlie & James – Wedding Part 1 {FEATURED}

So, that time has come. My beautiful friends Charlie & James went and got all married and ting! Between them they devised a beautiful, village fete themed wedding at Duncton Village Hall, near Petworth. It was a truely amazing day and they both looked fantastic, but hey, I’ll save all that for another post!

As the Duncton Village Hall didn't have a marriage license, Charlie & James had to make alternative arrangements to sign the register 2 days prior. With myself and Emily as their 2 witnesses, we set off to Lewes for a very beautiful day. Neither Charlie nor James wanted to make too much fuss, as key family members couldn’t be there and nothing was going to detract from their amazing ceremony a couple of days later. But either way it was always still going to be a very important occasion. James stayed with me overnight and Emily stayed with Charlie. We woke up, washed our bacon breakfast down with Champagne and rushed down to meet the girls at the train station.

What followed was a gorgeous, sunny day of love and laughter, wandering round the town of Lewes. We also had a fantastic lunch in Bills. The restaurant staff were amazing. Not only was the food outstanding, they also presented Charlie and James with a beautiful bouquet of tulips, as well as a huge goody bag of chutneys and Balsamic vinegars. A memorable day of fun, perfectly accompanied by our body weight in Champagne! 


  1. These are so beautiful! I love how you see the world. I can't wait for part two.

  2. Fabulous photos. I think that following your dream is definitely the route you should take, judging by the 'art' that is your photography. Love it. Well done!